NextFUMIGREEN celebrates LIFE’s 32nd Anniversary with a commitment to sustainability

  • An EU financial instrument dedicated exclusively to the environment and climate action
  • Green development and protection of biodiversity are the values highlighted by the project today, May 21

BRUSSELS, 21 May – Today, LIFE NextFUMIGREEN joins the celebration of the 32nd anniversary of the LIFE Programme and the Natura 2000 network, reaffirming its commitment to sustainable development and the protection of biodiversity.

The LIFE Programme is the only financial instrument of the European Union dedicated exclusively to the environment and climate action. Since 1992, more than 900 LIFE projects have been approved in Spain (5,400 EU-wide), with a total budget of €1,555 million and an EU contribution of €781 million (EU-wide, with a total EU contribution of more than €6.5 billion).

Approved in December 2022, the LIFE NextFUMIGREEN project is at the forefront of the implementation of natural biopesticides in greenhouses, marking a milestone in sustainable agriculture and food security.

With the support of the European Union’s (EU) LIFE programme, which co-finances the project by 60%, and the collaboration of key partners such as FUMI-HOGAR, B&B ASESORES, Centro Tecnológico Tecnova, Comercial Química Massó, BrioAgro España and the Finnova Foundation, NextFUMIGREEN is setting new standards in the agricultural industry.

The project, which has a duration of four and a half years, not only improves food security and biodiversity, but also contributes significantly to the awareness, training and professionalization of farmers in the responsible and effective use of biopesticides.

About the LIFE Program

The LIFE Programme, the EU’s only financial instrument dedicated exclusively to the environment and climate action, today celebrates 32 years of significant contributions to nature conservation and the promotion of sustainable development in Europe. It has supported more than 5,500 projects, including the creation of the Natura 2000 Network, the world’s largest coordinated network of protected areas, covering 18% of the EU’s land area and more than 9% of its marine territory. Spain, in particular, has been a leader in contributing to this network, with 27% of its terrestrial territory and more than 8% of its marine territory protected under this figure, with nearly 2,000 areas designated for conservation.

LIFE’s anniversary is a time to reflect on achievements and strengthen commitment to future challenges in environmental conservation and climate action.


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