The European project LIFE NextFUMIGREEN celebrates International Day of Plant Health

12/05/2023, Brussels. Today, 12 May, we join the celebration of the International Plant Health Day, established by the United Nations in 2021. From the European project LIFE NextFUMIIGREEN we want to highlight and make visible the importance of plant health and the direct impact of plants on our food.

LIFE NextFUMIGREEN is a European project that seeks to test the efficacy of a fumigant based on natural active ingredients to combat whitefly pests in horticultural greenhouse crops. The goal is to be able to extend the results obtained in this project to the most recurrent pests and other phytosystems in agricultural crops.

From LIFE NextFUMIGREEN we join this day, highlighting the contribution of this project in meeting the guidelines of the Sustainable Development Goals and the European Green Deal on the use of biocides in the EU. This great challenge proposes to produce safer, more nutritious, and higher quality food for consumption, while reducing health problems and protecting the ecosystem.


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