LIFE NextFUMIGREEN aligns with World Food Day

  • This year’s slogan is “Water is life, water is food. Leave no one behind”
  • The consortium that makes up LIFE NextFUMIGREEN advocates healthy and sustainable food

Today, Monday, October 16, is World Food Day, a celebration promoted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), with the clear objective of reducing hunger in the world, a purpose also sought by the 2030 Agenda with its goal of “zero hunger”. From the LIFE NextFUMIGREEN project for the development of natural fumigants to control pests in greenhouses, we strive to improve food safety through residue-free food.

Each year, FAO focuses on a slogan to disseminate the World Food Day campaign. For 2023, the slogan is: “Water is life, water is food. Leave no one behind.”  Water is essential for life on Earth, making up more than 50% of our bodies and covering approximately 71% of the planet’s surface. However, only 2.5% of this water is fresh and suitable for drinking, agriculture and most industrial uses. Water is crucial for people, economies and nature, as well as being fundamental to our food supply.

Factors such as population growth, urbanization, economic development and climate change are putting increasing pressure on the planet’s water resources. In recent decades, the amount of freshwater available per person has decreased by 20%, and water quality is also deteriorating.

In addition, the above-mentioned phenomena have also led to a loss of plant biodiversity. Throughout history, man has fed on approximately 6,000 plants, but the change in eating habits, together with the priority given to cereals in today’s market, has reduced plant biodiversity, with only 9 plants now accounting for 66% of total crop production worldwide.

The European LIFE NextFUMIGREEN project and its partners are aligned with this World Food Day as a consortium, sharing the goal of achieving healthier and more sustainable food. The project focuses on supporting the use of natural fumigants as a green alternative to chemical pesticides, ensuring healthier and environmentally sensitive food.


The European LIFE NextFUMIGREEN project actively promotes food safety by developing natural fumigants from plant extracts to control pests in intensive greenhouse horticultural crops. With the leadership of Fumihogar ( and the collaboration of the Foundation for Agricultural Auxiliary Technologies (; the Finnova Foundation (; B&B Asesores Auditores Ambientales (; Comercial Quimica Masso (, and BrioAgro Tech (, the project has a total budget of 2,758,921.01 €, 60% subsidized by the LIFE Program.


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