LIFE NextFUMIGREEN promotes environmental health with natural fumigants

Brussels, September 26th, 2023. The adoption and promotion of natural fumigants represent a significant strategy for improving the sustainability and health of our environment. The European Union has responded by intensifying its regulations and restrictions on the use of chemical biopesticides due to their negative impact on life and the environment. These regulations aim to reduce exposure to chemical residues and promote safer and environmentally friendly agricultural practices.

Natural fumigants safeguard environmental health

In contrast to synthetic chemicals, natural fumigants are developed from organic compounds derived from natural sources such as plants or microorganisms. These fumigants are less harmful to the environment and human health, leading to a significant reduction in health and biodiversity risks. Furthermore, their use minimizes soil and water pollution and promotes the conservation of local ecosystems.

LIFE NEXTFUMIGREEN anticipates, among other benefits, an improvement in food safety resulting from residue-free foods and positive effects on biodiversity and climate change. This LIFE project supports the implementation of the EU’s chemical policy, which includes both Directive 2009/128/EC on the sustainable use of pesticides, aimed at reducing environmental and health risks while maintaining crop productivity and improving control over pesticide use and distribution, and the REACH Regulation, which aims to achieve a higher level of protection for human health and the environment from potential risks associated with substances and chemicals, promoting sustainable development.

It also contributes to achieving the goals of the “Farm to Fork” strategy and the Seventh Environmental Action Programme, as well as the Roadmap to a Resource-Efficient Europe, and supports agri-environmental measures of the EU Common Agricultural Policy.

Therefore, at LIFE NextFUMIGREEN, we endorse and utilize natural fumigants as a green alternative to chemical pesticides. In doing so, we contribute to global efforts on World Environmental Health Day, demonstrating our commitment to protecting the environment and promoting safer and more sustainable agricultural practices.

LIFE NextFUMIGREEN contribution

The European project LIFE NextFUMIGREEN actively promotes food safety by developing natural fumigants derived from plant extracts to control pests in intensive horticultural crops under greenhouses. Led by Fumihogar ( in collaboration with the Foundation for Auxiliary Agriculture Technologies (, the Finnova Foundation (, B&B Environmental Auditors Advisors (, Comercial Quimica Masso (, and BrioAgro Tech (, the project has a total budget of €2,758,921.01, 60% of which is subsidized by the LIFE Programme.