LIFE NextFUMIGREEN’s natural fumigants contribute to the fight against the indiscriminate use of agrochemicals

  • The European project LIFE NextFUMIGREEN aligns with this world day against the indiscriminate use of agrochemicals.

26/10/2023, Brussels. Today, Sunday 26 November, the World Day against the Indiscriminate Use of Agrochemicals is celebrated to raise awareness of the misuse and indiscriminate use of agrochemicals. A claim very much in line with the European project LIFE NextFUMIGREEN, which develops natural fumigants, based on active substances extracted from plant extracts, to control whitefly populations and other pests in horticultural crops grown intensively under glass.

This event is promoted by the 400 member organisations of the Pesticide Action Network (PAN), as an initiative to minimise the risks generated by agrochemicals on human health, as well as their impact on the environment.

Agrochemicals are concentrated chemicals that are used as pesticides in agriculture: insecticides, herbicides, nematicides and fungicides. It includes other chemical growth agents, hormones, synthetic fertilisers, among others.

The chemical components of these products can contaminate soils and natural water sources, affecting human health as well as wildlife species.

The main problem lies in the indiscriminate use of these agrochemicals, as they can develop resistance of the agent or pest to the product. On the other hand, it affects pollinators and other beneficial organisms alike, leading to the appearance of secondary pests or diseases.

Natural fumigants are an environmentally friendly alternative to chemical pesticides that protects both human and environmental health.

Unlike synthetic chemicals, natural fumigants are developed from organic compounds derived from natural sources such as plants or microorganisms. These fumigants are less harmful to the environment and human health, leading to a significant reduction in health and biodiversity risks. Ultimately, their use reduces soil and water pollution, benefiting local ecosystems.

The European LIFE NextFUMIGREEN project aligns itself with this global day against the indiscriminate use of agrochemicals by sharing the goal of minimising the risks generated by chemical pesticides. The project focuses on supporting the use of natural fumigants as a green alternative to agrochemicals, ensuring a healthier and more environmentally friendly diet.


The European LIFE NextFUMIGREEN project actively promotes food safety by developing natural fumigants from plant extracts to control pests in intensive greenhouse horticultural crops. With the leadership of Fumihogar and with the collaboration of the Foundation for Agricultural Auxiliary Technologies, the Finnova Foundation, B&B Asesores Auditores Ambientales, Comercial Quimica Masso and BrioAgro Tech, the project has a total budget of 2.758.921,01 €, 60% subsidised by the LIFE Programme.

About Pesticide Action Network (PAN)

Pesticide Action Network (PAN) is a network founded in 1982, which brings together more than 600 non-governmental organisations and institutions from over 90 countries. They work together to replace the use of hazardous pesticides with environmentally sound alternatives. It currently has five independent Regional Centres responsible for implementing its projects and campaigns.


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